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The publicly available output from the George Boole Foundation units such as SEEL, OQSI, SDGToolkit.com and Plasma.Systems will be made available though the Online Boolean Library which will be inaugurated in mid June 2021.

We are currently extending the current range of documents to include White Papers on different aspects of project cycle management containing a considerable amount of the findings of the Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2020. These will be extended by contributions from the ongoing Decision Analysis Initiative 2020-2030.

Documents issued by SDGToolkit.com

Advance notice

Advance information of SDGToolkit

Justification for the system

Why was SDGToolkit developed?

Forthcoming publications

Global Constraints Analysis .... posted soon

Due Diligence Design Procedures .... posted soon

Designer .... posted soon

Real Time Monitoring & Evaluation .... posted soon

Options benefit Analyses .... posted soon

Locational-State Genotypic Sequencing .... in preparation

The role of negative logic .... posted soon

Evaluation criteria.... in preparation

This section provides links to relevant sites and documents which provide more in-depth information on why this services has been introduced and how the SDGToolkit framework came about.

The current links of relevance to SDF programme are provided below:

Donor information

"Cost-effective donor support for Sustainable Development Goals"

Beneficiary information

"Effective project teams for Sustainable Development Goals"

Training content

"The SDF approach to training to raise the sustainable development impacts of project teams"

Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2020 Final report.

This report describes the justification the process and the results of the applied
development programme that created the SDGToolkit.

DAI_Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2020 - Final Report

1  SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab unit the Digital Intelligence Research Centre is The George Boole Foundation Limited. This Centre is concerned with the development and testing of Analytical Tools for SDGToolkit. For further information click here.